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One More Thing… tricks, applications and new data about the future jOBS film

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One More Thing… tricks, applications and new data about the future jOBS film
One More Thing… tricks, applications and new data about the future jOBS film


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We’ve been relatively quiet this week. No spectacular releases, nothing out of the ordinary and no rumors with capital letters, although there is a lot of talk about the alleged reduction of orders by Apple. Although we have had the occasional statement like Larry Page’s.

But let’s get down to business. We’ve put together again some of the most interesting entries from the blogosphere. I hope you enjoy them and find some that are useful for you. Welcome to our One More Thing section .

  • If you want to temporarily keep your Mac awake, that is, prevent it from going into sleep, we will be able to do so by using the terminal and a new command included in OS X version 10.7. In MacSolutions they explain us how to keep your Mac awake temporarily.
  • Many of us are looking forward to seeing the films that are being made about Steve Jobs and therefore also about Apple. One of them will be the biopic jOBS in which we have already seen that Ashton Kutcher has a more or less reasonable resemblance to the young Jobs but now we have seen the actor who will embody the other Steve, Woz. In Actualidad iPhone they show us and I’m sorry, I’m not convinced.
  • In Soy de Mac they show us six simple tricks for Safari that are not bad to know. Ideal for newcomers to the platform or those who are now starting to use the Apple browser.
  • If you like skiing or snowboarding or any other of the activities we can do in our resorts, you will surely like to know Skitude, an application discovered on EsferaiPhone.
  • Many of you are wondering how to put the Apple logo on your iOS device. On the Internet you can find different places where they explain it to us and one of them is in Mac Apuntes. Now you can use it to name your application folders, etc…
  • Yes, the App Store has a large number of applications but some of them are very absurd. A brief compilation with the ten rarest and most useless applications are shown in Computer Blog.

And this is how far we’ve come on our weekly tour. As always, we remind all readers that you can send us the links you find most interesting using our contact form. We’ll be back next week!

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