One More Thing… the iOS 7, 3D printer for Mac hype and Apple Store activation in Spain

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One More Thing… the iOS 7, 3D printer for Mac hype and Apple Store activation in Spain
One More Thing… the iOS 7, 3D printer for Mac hype and Apple Store activation in Spain


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We began the review of the best entries in the Apple world in an important week for the company: the company showed its cards for this 2013 with a renewed iOS 7, a new version of OS X and a long-awaited Mac Pro that many expected at the power level but few imagined it physically as Phill Schiller officially presented it. A developer’s conference that lays the foundations at the software level and prepares the market for a hardware renewal perhaps after the summer. As it comes, these are the entries we liked the most this week:

  • Emilcar publishes today an interesting article about the “activation” of new Apple Stores in Spain, starting with a very expected one too: the one in Seville. In his article, the popular blogger from Murcia reveals that Apple has already posted job offers on its website today.
  • Without a doubt, one of the week’s star topics is iOS 7. colleagues have also tried it and tell us their first impressions in a very good entry where they tell us everything that has surprised them the news.
  • MacApuntes also talks at length about iOS 7, and the influence that the “tweaks” of the Jailbreak scene have had on the new operating system. Has Apple looked at them to incorporate them into the new version, or does it simply offer the current user something that they demand?
  • If you’re wondering how you can use a 3D printer on your Mac, our Macsolutions partners have an interesting analysis of one of them, 3D Up! Plus, whose software will work perfectly on both Lion and Mountain Lion. Curious article about what will undoubtedly come to the homes one day.
  • For those of you who have already tried iOS 7, but want to go back to a stable system like iOS 6, Applesencia tells us how to achieve it. A simple guide to safely return to the current operating system for our iOS devices, after taking a few bites at the future. By the way, the guys from Applesencia are also publishing some very interesting posts about iOS 7 details.
  • The arrival of a new iPhone model will not cease until at least the “official” launch of iOS 7 in the fall. Therefore, iPadizate colleagues have written about the traces of future models that we can discover in the new operating system presented by Apple on Monday… curious, to say the least.

A full week, full of company news and no doubt an interesting starting point just before the start of a summer that will precede a few hectic final months of 2013. If you want to participate in this section, remember that you can do it by sending us your favorite tickets through our contact form. Enjoy the week!

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