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One more thing… SSD recommendations, application control and other questions that more than one will share

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One more thing… SSD recommendations, application control and other questions that more than one will share
One more thing… SSD recommendations, application control and other questions that more than one will share


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Today I’d like to approach our One more thing section a little differently. The blogosphere is still unstoppable and there are many blogs that launch interesting articles. But today that “one more thing…” I want it to be that last question you ask with a doubt, asking for advice or opinions to enjoy your Mac even more. So, in browsing our Answers section I’ve found some that I think might interest many of you.

  • Victor_buxa11 asks what SSD would we recommend for an iMac end 2012? Here many of you can contribute your own experience because without a doubt, installing an SSD is the best thing we can do to our Mac and give it a new life. I’ve always had good experience with OWC SSDs, but Samsung SSDs are also very high performance.
  • Manucam raises another interesting question. You need to know what applications a person who will leave a MacBook with you uses? I remember something about an app but I think it would be easier to set up an account and assign parent controls so that you can only use the app(s) you want. Although maybe one of them can give you another solution.
  • OS X 10.9 has stopped supporting Perian and that affects Quicktime with less format support. And of course, whoever uses Quicktime to also perform shape conversions has been affected. Fran.chavez.35 says so and I think that considering the amount of free and simple conversions that there are like Miro or Handbrake that it is not complicated.
  • Polako1 has a problem, and I hope it’s the only one, that affects the wifi of your Mac when it goes to sleep it disconnects and when it comes back it doesn’t reconnect. Apple has in its support pages a series of steps to fix wifi failure. If someone else suffers them I would recommend trying the solution they propose and if not then it would be a matter of seeing what could be affecting.
  • If we are users with little experience on the platform there may be things that shock us. Even more so if we have gotten used to how iOS works. Miguelgal has updated the new versions of iMovie and iWork but the old ones do not disappear. Don’t worry. Apple considers them new apps so you keep both. Bearing in mind that the change is important, keep both because for the moment there are some options that the previous versions have and the new ones do not.
  • The change in the operation of the power button is causing you some little problem, you press it unintentionally and when you do it twice in a row, then you have to force the reset. The behavior cannot be changed but before forcing the closure close the lid of the Macbook and wait a few seconds, when you open it then must return to the rest correctly.

And they’re not the only ones, there are many more. Some of them are probably the same as the one you’re considering. So we invite you to participate. Not only by reading the solutions that other users provide but also by sharing your knowledge with other users or by asking questions.

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