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One More Thing (seed of 290310)

The iPad is here. It’s about time! However, now it’s time for a weekly summary of everything that’s happened in the Mac world this week. Here we go…

  • This week we started talking about the Louvre’s Apple Store, one of the company’s most unique stores due to its privileged location. A few days ago an Apple reader, Alexito4, came by the store and told us everything about it in his blog.
  • From K-tuin’s blog they bring us a list with the best extensions for Google Chrome and although I love Safari I recognize that day by day the Google browser gains whole and is positioned many times at the height of the rest.
  • Via TodoAppleBlog we found a trick that will delight all people reluctant to system messages. Thanks to this trick we can disable the absurd notifications of Mac OS X warning that we are going to open a program downloaded from the Internet.
  • If only a few days ago it was Miguel who showed us an extensive entry relating all the news of the future iPhone, now from SomosMacnos they show a photograph of what could be its front. The dark black color of the screen is striking, and it blends in with the frame. Is it really the iPhone 4 screen?
  • How many iPads do you think Apple can sell in just 24 hours? Well, 200,000 to 300,000 units if we believe the data they tell us in I have a Mac, although to be honest that figure could have been much higher if Apple had been able to distribute the equipment worldwide, the magic figure of a million units would have been achieved without much effort.
  • That the iPad is going to devour part of the iPod touch and iPhone market is no surprise, many people who wanted an iPod touch will end up with an iPad and the same thing will happen with the iPhone. That’s why it seems that Apple is especially attentive these days to the advertising of its other devices. This week, once again, an ad for the iPhone has been shown with special emphasis on its “multitasking” functions, as Apple understands it of course.
  • And to end the day, an iPad entry. Are you still doubting the purchase of the device after reading the entry I posted a few weeks ago? Well, don’t worry, this graphic will not only help you but also give you more than one smile.

We would like to remind you once again that we love our readers to help us make this section a reality with their contributions . If you want to send us any link that you think might be of interest, don’t hesitate to contact us or simply twitter us back to our @Apple account with the link you want to share.

One More Thing (seed of 290310)
One More Thing (seed of 290310)

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