One More Thing… (seed of 28032011)

Don’t be fooled by the title of this entry, even if it refers to March the truth is that we are already in April and that means only one thing: there is less time left for holidays, for taking the sun and for going to the beach.

But there is also room to talk a little bit about Apple and the company’s news for next season, the rumors that have been discussed this week and some interesting news. Let’s go with it.

  • We began by talking about a collection of applications for the iPhone and iPad with which to turn our device into a much more useful tool in the field of medicine. A great collection of applications designed from a more professional audience to simpler applications.
  • Do you always forget your notes and reminders? The truth is that with the amount of applications of this style in the App Store it is difficult to decide on one to improve this aspect of the terminal. From El Ocio Digital they recommend us a very interesting one: Due, an application with a fantastic design to carry out this task of reminders.
  • Podcast fan? The truth is that they are a fantastic tool, but Apple does not promote this feature in iOS and just shows them as if they were songs, when in fact they could show many options. Podcaster is an alternative to all those people who are looking for many more customization options within podcast management.
  • And just a week after the release of the iPad 2 it’s time to draw some conclusions about the team and evaluate not only the launch of the iPad, but also the evolution of the team in these days as they do from SomosMac.
  • 8Mpx for the iPhone 5 camera? The truth is that the change in quality between the camera of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS is enormous, but it seems that Apple wants to continue improving the experience with an even better camera, as we have been told by Mecambioamac.
  • And if you want to get a first generation iPad we recommend you do it as soon as possible because the equipment is starting to run out and it is starting to be complicated to get one of the basic models as we are told by Actualidad iPad.
One More Thing… (seed of 28032011)
One More Thing… (seed of 28032011)

In addition, we also remind you of the fantastic contest we propose from the Apple club: The opportunity to get a base Iomega SuperHero simply by answering a simple question… You have all the info to apply for it at the Apple Club.

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