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One More Thing… (Seed of 27062011)

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One More Thing… (Seed of 27062011)
One More Thing… (Seed of 27062011)


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Well, little by little, like the one who doesn’t want the thing, the heat has taken over all of Spain and it’s here to stay. It’s already July and it’s time, like every week, to take a tour of the blogosphere to see what other people have written in their blogs about Apple and everything around it in our One More Thing section. Let’s get started!

  • In iPhoneros they tell us about the recent update of GoodReader, one of the indispensable tools for iOS to manage files and documents. The tool now has tabs for viewing recently used files and the ability to delete local files, and a link to a free online storage service that offers 5Gbyte of space among others.
  • Are you waiting like water for May, or rather July, the release of Mac OS X Lion? In faq-mac they talk about its imminent release, and they give as date the 5th of July. The lack of physical distribution of the new Apple operating system would accelerate the time between the new gold version and the commercial version. They also tell us that the new computers will probably be released right after that.
  • Do you have an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad and have never used Remote to control playback in iTunes? You don’t know what you’re missing. If you want a step-by-step guide on how to do it, just go to the MaciPadiPhoneismo and Other Things blog and watch this great tutorial.
  • All of us, and I the first, have criticized not having a file system in iOS. In the eduo blog you can see this very interesting discussion about if this is really the case, or if we should not change the chip and stop thinking about files but about contents. If you want to learn about cognitive load and other concepts, this is a must read.
  • Are you an iOS application developer and would like to participate in a discussion forum with other developers? At ÁticoMaquero we hear about TheAppDate, an event that takes place on the last Monday of every month in Madrid where application developers make presentations.

With this we close our journey through other blogs in Spanish about Apple. Get your computers ready for Lion’s installation and enjoy the summer (or winter if you read us from the other hemisphere). See you soon!

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