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One more thing… (Seed of 221110)

Without a doubt, the most important thing we’ve seen this week has been the long-awaited release of iOS 4.2, which has aligned the iOS versions of all devices and given the iPad all the folder functionality, multitasking and other improvements that we’ve been enjoying on the iPhone for a long time.

But more things have happened during these last days, and as every week we offer you a summary of everything we have encountered and you have sent us through the maquera blogosphere. Let’s get started:

  • We start with a possible error in iOS 4.2 that causes failures in the keyboard, as shown in a video that we can see in mecambioamac in which we can see that there is slowness in the response of the keyboard, in addition to some letters with a strange behavior.
  • Our reader Eleazar sends us a tutorial on how to convert any document in PDF or Word format into an ePub available at the Reymundo Lopez blog, for the purists who prefer that format in iBooks.
  • Did you know that you can use AirPlay to launch applications on the new Apple TV? In EsferaiPhone they show us a video that demonstrates this with the YouTube application. It was sent to us by our reader Gfr.
  • At Appleblog they tell us about OffGRID, an accessory to give the iPhone an extra battery with 18 extra hours for those of us who squeeze our phone the most.
  • The wave of rumors about iPhone 5 hasn’t started yet, but it’s not out of place to see a comic version of it through MacVisions with a multitude of incredible features including a masseur or an app that makes you cauliflower… chocolate flavored.
  • Do you want to develop for the iPhone or Mac OS X with Cocoa and don’t want to be encouraged by the predominant English in the manuals? NSCodeCenter is a community of Spanish-speaking developers in Cocoa who help each other in the adventure of creating an application for Apple environments.
  • Finally, we remind you that at Apple we are raffling off no less than 60 Gameloft games from the App Store. If you want them, you just have to come to our club and follow the participation rules.
One more thing… (Seed of 221110)
One more thing… (Seed of 221110)

Don’t forget: every week we are waiting for your messages via our contact form and our official Twitter account in order to continue with this special. For our part, we’ll be back next week with more links. See you then!

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