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One more thing… (Seed of 190710)

And we consume the penultimate week of July, many of you will be on full vacation and many others waiting for them. As every week, from Apple we bring you a series of interesting links about what happened in the Spanish-speaking blogs .

Following Apple’s press conference on the antenna issue, opinions have been pouring in from all over the web. For some it is and will continue to be a problem and for others it exists, but it is not a big deal. One thing is clear, until you have an iPhone 4 in your hands and see for yourself, you won’t have an answer to all this commotion.

One more thing… (Seed of 190710)One more thing… (Seed of 190710)

But let’s focus on what we’re about, collecting entries from other blogs that will entertain you this Saturday afternoon while you’re quietly at the beach with your iPad or perhaps in the hot city in front of your computer.

  • From EspheraiPhone they start a new section where they invite their readers to make captures of the Dashboard of their iPhone and send them to be published on the web. This monthly compilation will surely help you to discover applications that you didn’t know before.
  • At Appleismo, they are picking up the news that LG Display cannot keep up with the pace of iPad display manufacturing due to the high demand for the device. Nobody believed that Apple would be so successful in selling their iPad, let alone maintaining it for a long time.
  • Although I’m the coordinator of Apple and a great friend, without sounding like a fool, I’d like to leave for last place an article written by Pedro Aznar in his personal blog Cuatrodoce, where he exposes his opinion about the whole issue of the iPhone 4 antenna. He is passionate about Apple, but he is not a fanboy. When he has had to speak ill of Apple, he has done so and always gives strong reasons for his way of thinking. You may or may not agree with him, but his opinion is just as valid as others.

So far this week’s collection, I can only remind you that this weekly section is nourished by the contributions of its readers. If you find a curious or interesting link you can use the contact form to send it to us. See you next week!

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