One more thing… (Seed of 18042011)

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One more thing… (Seed of 18042011)
One more thing… (Seed of 18042011)


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A somewhat quiet week due to the holidays, which is also noticeable in the blogosphere maquera: Little movement in your blogs, but yes, there are always entries worth highlighting. Therefore, here are the five that we liked the most this week:

  • We began the week’s review by commenting on one of the most original USB hubs for machinists: the iHub, not officially manufactured by Apple, but which even had the apple bite. In iPhoneros they tell us how it is and right in the next post they tell us that a legion of Apple lawyers have told them to withdraw it from sale, although it can still be bought.
  • Cristian does a great analysis on DiskDrill’s AppsMac, a very easy to use data recovery tool for Mac. Taking advantage of the fact that it has already been released in beta, the application is offered in four versions, one of them being free. If you’re interested, there’s a discount code on their blog so you can get 15% off. Take advantage!
  • Let’s see how Treki23 has published in his blog a very good screencast on how to install 8GB of RAM in a 2010 Mac mini. In addition, he recommends the most appropriate modules for the change. Of course, increasing that amount of memory to Mac OS X should result in a noticeable performance improvement, so it’s a good idea to find out how he did it and follow his advice.
  • Am I a bike fan? In MecambioaMac they have published this week a compilation with five applications to make the most of our rides with them. There is everything: From applications to help us with punctures, calculations of silver-pinion developments…
  • In Diario Macquero they analyze one of the latest iOS applications for the professional photographer: Photographer, a great tool for all those photography lovers who need to have the power of such an application, anywhere. By the way, the application, this weekend is totally free…
  • GermacMD does a great analysis on whether we will see an iPhone 4S or an iPhone 5 soon, in TengoUnMac. A very interesting reflection since we are in one of those years in which Apple can surprise us with any of the two options.

Remember that you can participate in this section by sending us via the contact form any recent blog entry in Spanish, so that we can share it with the rest of the readers in next week’s collection. You can also send us your proposals via Twitter, if you prefer. Have a good weekend and enjoy your holidays!

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