One More Thing… (seed of 15022010)

It seems that the maelstrom of news about possible features or functionalities of the iPad is slowly calming down, maybe we will have some peace of mind until the day of its release. But here at Apple we are one more week trying to collect the most interesting articles from the Spanish-speaking Blogosphere during these seven days .

  • Even though it’s still February, without realizing it we’re standing in the summer, and Operation Bikini must have come to fruition if we want to look like palm hearts on the beach. I’m sure we’ll all, to a greater or lesser extent, have committed our excesses at Christmas, so at Vitonica they have tested the application for the iPhone and iPod touch Weight Control. With it we can control our weight and see our evolution over the weeks.
  • Last week Apple launched a new version of Aperture 3, the photo cataloguing and editing program preferred by many. If you don’t master the language of Shakespeare, in the Aperture-es forum you will be able to solve and raise doubts in the day-to-day use of this wonderful program. Thanks to Oscar Lopez for tweeting us this address.
  • From ibrico we have two interesting entries. In the first one they explain us how to configure the iPhone synchronization with iTunes to try to minimize the time of it. In the second one, they talk about YubNub and how to integrate it with Automator or Quicksilver to make quick searches on the Internet.
  • From Diario Macquero they have just started a series of interesting videotutorials about File Maker. This important tool for Mac will help you create powerful databases for your business. You should not miss any of their video tutorials if you are interested in learning this program.
  • From Maquecitos they show us through animated screen gifs, the evolution of all Apple operating systems throughout history. It is very curious to see how the aesthetics of this OS have changed, which gives us so much satisfaction.
  • The I don’t have an iPhone blog tells us about Awesome Note, a very interesting iPhone application that might encourage you to replace the iCal address book in Mac OS X.
  • Makolaki point us to an article on Appleweblog where they show us ways to free our Mac hard drive from superfluous information.

So much for this week’s One More Thing. We remind you that if you want to write an article that you have found interesting, you have the contact form for it. You can also tweet any link to Apple to include it in this weekly compilation, until next week.

One More Thing… (seed of 15022010)
One More Thing… (seed of 15022010)

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