One More Thing (seed of 141209)

A few days before December 24th many of you, at least those of you who make the excuse of Santa Claus to receive a ruler, will be nervous about what may come: new iPods, maybe some iPhone and the most beautiful ones a new Mac.

For those of you who are or think that this week’s compilation could be more than interesting for you.* If the iPhone or iPod Touch becomes part of the family there is a link that you cannot miss in your gadget. It’s called News and price reductions and it’s a new section of iPhone Applications. In it we will have access to the price changes, decreases, etc… that take place in the App Store and updating every five minutes. Including web adapted to the iPhone or iPod Touch.

  • If you are going to use your Mac as a tool for web development, José Dueñas proposes a compilation of what he considers to be the 10 essential applications for the web developer. And if you think they are few or not, remember the list published by Samuel, the 100 essential applications.
  • Maybe this is not one of them but, an application that we talked about a long time ago at Apple is Dashboard Kickstar, which allows us to start Dashboard just by starting the computer for the first time. This way we avoid wasting those seconds that it consumes the first time it is invoked. Well, Alvaro and Crosby from Apple Peru have remembered it these days.
  • Since Apple has not come up with any preferences to increase the possibilities of Magic Mouse, several programmers have come up with small applications or preferences to do so. In Apple we have commented all of them but Mecambioamac has made a compilation of all of them.
  • And for those of us not lucky enough to get an iPod, iPhone or new Mac, we’ll have to settle for decorating our desk with these Christmas icons, thanks to a tweet from Eduo.
One More Thing (seed of 141209)
One More Thing (seed of 141209)

And remember that despite the consumer side, out of habit or out of an excuse to indulge, the important thing is to have a good time with family, friends and why not with everyone in the Apple community. Merry Christmas!

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