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One More Thing… (seed of 12042010)

And we arrive at the weekend with a bittersweet taste, it is time to take stock of what has happened during the week . There has been news in the Apple world, good and bad, but there have been two especially (one from each side) that have been very important.

One More Thing… (seed of 12042010)
One More Thing… (seed of 12042010)

On Tuesday, the Apple Store closed to update the web with new settings on MacBook Pro. The introduction of new processors, graphics, and battery life enhancements has been good, but the news of the iPad’s delayed launch to the rest of the world by a month has been a real eye-opener, at least for me.

But let’s get to the point, as every week here we bring you a new compilation of everything that’s going on in the Hispanic blogosphere.

  • Francisco Garcia and Paco Toro show us their space in Tumblr where they upload very elaborate photographs taken with the iPhone. In all of them they write down the applications they use to take them. It should be noted that the whole process for the final result is done from the phone itself.
  • Eiprol echoes the latest rumor to be unveiled, the likely release of AutoCAD for Mac in the version to be released during 2011. One of the most demanded applications that has always been missing in the Mac OS X system seems to be coming to our favorite computers. Thanks to all of you who have sent us the news.
  • After the iPad’s delay, it is curious to read this reflection of the purchase of an iPad through the Apple Store from Spain. At Apple they didn’t put any objection to it, since the shipping address was on American soil (although the bank from which the payment was made was Spanish).

And so we end this week’s One More Thing, although you already know it well, just remember that from the Apple contact form you can send us all the news you consider interesting. Greetings to all, have a good weekend and see you next week.

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