One More Thing… (seed of 08022010)

One more week, and in the middle of Macworld 2010, we continue with our One More Thing in which we offer you a selection of the articles that have been published in the Hispanic blogosphere during these last 7 days and that you, the readers, have sent us.

  • We start with a curious accessory from PlanetaiPhone launched for the iPhone and iPod touch in South Korea, which consists of a pen in the shape of a sausage so that we do not have to take off our gloves to use the device’s multitouch screen. A good idea, carried out with humor.
  • If you’re thinking of buying a DVB-T tuner for your Mac, take a look at this EyeTV DTT review from Useful4Mac, where you can see all the receiver details and general impressions.
  • In treyvelan they offer us a brief and useful tutorial so that, using an iPhoto complement, we can upload the images from our photo library to Imageshack without effort.
  • Mia Vilà sends us an interesting link:, a website where we can keep up to date with the free and discounted games and applications that appear in the App Store every day, which are not few.
  • From ActualidadiPhone they tell us about the filtering of an email written in 2003 by Bill Gates, in which he admitted that at that time iTunes caught them off guard.
  • In iPhoneDiary they tell us about a perfect application for the absent-minded who leave their iPhone anywhere: Where is my phone? allows us to locate the device by means of our own whistle, which the iPhone will detect within a radius of 10 meters and will emit a sound so that it is easily located.

As always, we remind you not to hesitate for a second to send us any link you find useful by using our contact form or by writing us a mention or a private message on our official Twitter account. Next week we will come back with more interesting links.

One More Thing… (seed of 08022010)
One More Thing… (seed of 08022010)

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