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One More Thing (seed of 03052010)

There are already fewer children left for the sale of the iPad worldwide and data on the rates offered by the operators are becoming known, discount possibilities as announced by Movistar if you are already a customer of a data rate equal to or higher than 25 euros. But this is not the only news in the Mac world.

One More Thing (seed of 03052010)One More Thing (seed of 03052010)

The blogosphere is still on the move and the Spanish-speaking blogosphere was not going to be any less. This week, without having a great amount, I wanted to highlight a selection of several articles that for their usefulness or content I think are great, within our One More Thing

  • The iPad is going to be a big talker. More so? Yes, because the screen size and options are ideal for many uses, and the latest is the Super Nintendo emulator. With it and a Wiimote we are going to be able to enjoy great games like the one shown in the video on SpherePhone, Super Mario Kart on the iPhone.
  • The world of accessories is perhaps one of the most prolific in the Apple ecosystem. Every day, a multitude of iPod, Mac, iPhone or iPad docks appear; keyboards, mice, etc… but above all cases. One of the last ones I discovered was thanks to Mactivistas, which links to Grove’s iPhone cases. Made of bamboo and with a laser engraved motif they look great. Too bad that I suppose it will be more delicate than its homonym in materials like plastic, leather or silicone. Anyway, not now but as soon as the new iPhone comes out, I’ll keep an eye on it because in addition to the available designs we can order it with our own. Some Lost motif would look good, right?
  • I personally like Lightroom better than Aperture but I don’t recognize the virtues of the Apple application. The problem is that for some people, getting around in Aperture is not as easy as in other applications of the same type. That’s why, despite knowing about its existence for some time, I’ve been checking the Aperture-es forums this week. Where you can find useful information to improve the use.
  • In other systems, portable applications are more than known and allow us to take our messaging client, browser and its bookmarks, etc… In Mac OS X is also available and in Not without my Mac they have made a collection of the most useful.
  • Mistakes on the record are something we would all like to avoid but which, fortunately or unfortunately, are not always achieved. For those who suffer from the disk0s2 error: IO error Invalid node structure can be remedied with the help of Planet Mac. Who after living it in their own flesh has written how to solve this problem in the future.

We won’t see each other again next week. Remember that you can send your links that you consider interesting by using our contact form. But above all, continue to give movement to this world through your blogs

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