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One More Thing… (seed 12102009)

One more week we return with the One More thing , that section of the blog where we review entries that we found curious and interesting from all the blogosphere maquera in Spanish. Another week we return to our favorite news compilation about Macs, iPhones, iPods and everything around them.

Let’s go then, without further ado, to the compilation of links we have prepared for this week, already in autumn, with the first stops of chestnuts in the street and the leaves falling from the trees… and do you see I’ve already made a mess of it again? let’s go with it:

  • First a bit of DIY, at MacZana they bring us an idea about how to reuse an Alu keyboard that has been damaged or old, we can always take advantage of the USB connectors to make a discreet HUBUSB under the table.
  • We continue with more handicrafts because on Planet iPhone they show us the adventures of a geek who has managed to connect a PS2 keyboard (of all life we go) to an iPhone.
  • In MacZapan we see some interesting wallpapers relating the Apple and Homer Simpson concepts. It’s not an easy task I assure you but the results are great.
  • Mac in Madrid brings us this week an interesting trick for all of you who have the jailbreak applied, it is to change the name of the operator by one at our whim.
  • From Tecnodiva they bring us a set of handmade cases for the iPhone, undoubtedly all very exclusive.
  • They make a photo frame look like a clip-on iMac lamp (at least aesthetically).
  • The first Apple Store on the peninsula could be located on Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona.
  • One More Thing… (seed 12102009)
    One More Thing… (seed 12102009)

    God Jobs hears you, switcher’s blog friend

Wishing you liked it and found it helpful, I’ll leave this section until next week.