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One more thing… new apps, wallpapers and a series of recommendations for the weekend

It ends one more week and with it we get a little closer to the first Apple special event of this year, next March 27th in Chicago. There are a few days left for it but we still have time to take a look at some things that have gone unnoticed in the last seven days . This week is a bit different, we leave the Spanish blogosphere aside to directly discover interesting content related to Apple.

  • In the summer of last year we spoke with Carlos Izquierdo, the Extremaduran in charge of the Apple Museum in Cáceres. To get an idea, it is the third largest Mac collection in Europe. These days he has published a curious 360 degree panorama representing “The Big Apple” with different Macs. As a curiosity, at the base we have a xServer G5, donated by Alberto Lozano for the museum.
  • Delta for iOS is the ultimate app for tracking virtual currencies in iOS. We analyzed the app in detail at the time, and this week it has been updated to version 1.7. Among the new features we found are a new dark mode and improvements in Markets. The most complete app in this sense, by far. You can download it for free from the App Store.
  • Stop wondering how much you save by buying the iPhone in the United States or how much the price of a product in Spain increases, there is an app for it. These days I have been trying PriceConvert, an app developed by the Spanish Pablo Betés who does all the calculations for us. It’s very simple, you enter the price (and fees if not included) in a currency and then in your local currency. The app will automatically calculate the amount and percentage of difference between one country and another. You can save items and explore how it changes according to the value of the exchange currency. The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store with an in-app purchase.
  • We continue with an App Store recommendation, specifically a story published by the App Store editorial team. In it, they interview Brian Mueller, developer of some of the most rogue apps in the App Store, such as CARROT Weather, CARROT Alarm or CARROT To-Do. It is very interesting how one person is able to develop up to six different apps and keep them up to date with hilarious and funny phrases for CARROT.
  • We recently talked about the opening of a new Apple Store in Japan. On the occasion of this opening, Apple promoted it with an interesting neon logo. Matt Birchler has taken advantage of this resource to create some incredible wallpapers with the bright apple that look spectacularly good on the iPhone, iPad or Mac.
  • Oceanhorn was a great hit as a game for iOS. It’s been a while since then, but the developers haven’t stopped. A new title under the name Oceanhorn 2 is on its way and so far we can see the demo trailer published at this year’s GDC. It looks amazing.

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    And to finish a recommendation in podcast format. This is ‘The Omni Show’, the podcast from Omni Group. Whether “omni” reminds you of OnniFocus, OmniOutliner or OmniGraffle, they are indeed the developers of these powerful productivity applications. Every two weeks they publish an episode of less than half an hour in which they interview one of the team members. They tell about their personal life, their role within the team and some hints of what is to come in the apps. Funny, entertaining, light and above all perfect to learn how an application development studio works, where it is equally important the person who creates interfaces as the one who finds bugs before publishing the app.

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