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One More Thing… iOS security, Plex on Apple TV and more

One More Thing…

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One More Thing… iOS security, Plex on Apple TV and more
One More Thing… iOS security, Plex on Apple TV and more


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After the hangover that for many is the MWC, an event that could be summarized in 22 headlines, the truth is that now, for those of us who are still in the Apple world is when the good begins. And I say this because we are waiting for the launches and events that the company has to do. The closest one would be the one related to Apple TV, which is rumored to take place this month. But in the meantime, let’s continue with our One More Thing section and see what the Hispanic blogging world has to say.

  • A technical article but not to be missed, This is how iOS security works. Our colleagues at Genbeta talk about how Apple protects their users’ data on their mobile operating system. Something that starts with the boot itself.
  • AutoCAD is AutoCAD, an assisted design application that is a must for many and why they remain “prisoners” of a platform. The following application will not be the definitive solution but it will certainly represent a useful option for some, DrafSight. An application brought to us by the guys at Appleizados.
  • Installing PLEX on Apple TV is possible without Jailbreak, in both the second and third generation models. Although it was simpler until recently, if you want to do it, don’t miss the Sphere tutorial on how to install PLEX on Apple TV 3
  • Connecting two Macs within the same local network is not complicated, doing it within a Windows computer network is not complicated either, although it requires a series of different steps. If you want to access Mac files from a PC in PacMac we explain how to join a Mac to a Windows network.
  • If you are interested in using FileMaker to create and manage your invoices, Louesfera has a series of tutorials to help you Design an Invoicing Application with FileMaker.
  • Just out of the oven, for all of you who have done Jailbreak and want to improve the blocking screen, in iOSMac you show us the last version of one of the most known twaek, IntelliScreenX 7.
  • We already mentioned it when we knew the decision of RealMac Software, we had to be careful because Clear would be free for a few hours. Well, on iPhoneA2 they warn us too, Clear free in the App Store temporarily.

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