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One more thing… freeing up space in our libraries, the speed of Chrome in iOS, opinion on the Podcast app

While the Apple world heats up with the imminent departure of Mountain Lion next July and with the news of the WWDC2012, we are going to try to refresh you a little with the entries that we have found most interesting in the blogosphere of the Apple world in Spanish . This week, there is a little bit of everything:

  • In Applesencia they show us a fantastic screencast on how to move the iMovie library to an external hard drive, almost essential if we don’t want our work to be lost if our Mac’s main hard drive fails. The screencast is hosted by Marcos Matas, a new Applesencia editor who joins their editors. Very good start!
  • Also closely related to the previous entry, the great Emilcar tells us in his blog how to relocate the Aperture library to gain enough GB on your Mac’s hard drive. Very interesting, not only because we don’t have huge amounts of our precious and scarce hard drive occupied, but also to avoid the possible problem of data corruption in such big libraries.
  • Louis-Phillippe tells us in his louesfera blog a new application for iOS from Instagramers, a community of users who are passionate about Instagram, which has more than 25 million photos tagged by them under

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