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One More Thing… Final Cut pro, Mail, Siri, ePubs and the occasional trick

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One More Thing… Final Cut pro, Mail, Siri, ePubs and the occasional trickOne More Thing… Final Cut pro, Mail, Siri, ePubs and the occasional trick


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It’s the weekend, and we’re back with our weekly compilation of everything interesting that has happened in the Hispanic blogosphere about Apple . Many are the blogs that talk about our passion, the world of the bitten apple and all of them bring us interesting news, essential tutorials and tricks that we didn’t know. At Apple, we know how lucky we are to be one of the most read blogs about Apple in the Spanish-speaking world, and we like to draw attention to these blogs which also do their bit in our daily lives . Let’s get to it.

  • We had already told you about this blog, but it never hurts to remember it again, because they do a commendable job and teach us (me at least) day by day. Final Cut Pro Kitchen is a blog exclusively dedicated to teach us how to use Final Cut Pro. This week they explain how to use videos recorded in H.264, either from the new reflex cameras that are starting to record in this HD format, or from our iPhone, which also records in high quality.
  • There are many applications to manage emails in OS X, but my favorite has been and still is Apple’s own program, Mail. Emilcar brings us an article where he compiles different tricks of this application. If you are a “novice” user of the application, you will surely discover a few shortcuts, and even if you are an expert user, it wouldn’t hurt to “keep an eye on it” because it might help you.
  • At Esfera iPhone we are always used to good articles, and this one I bring you is no exception. Although the article is a few months old, it is not bad to remember it for all those newcomers to iOS. One of the most important new features it has had in recent years has been Siri and many do not take full advantage of what it offers. This article will help you to solve this.
  • I’ve been “pissed off” for a few weeks with the battery life of my iPhone. Something I have installed, or activated that is significantly depleting my battery, reaching the need to charge it twice a day. Battery Doctor is an application that is helping me to identify the problem and in Discover Apple they give us a complete article where they explain the ins and outs of this application.
  • We continue with tricks for our day-to-day operating system, OS X. From Applesencia we get two, how to zoom the screen in Mountain Lion and how to select text in any editor. Yes, perhaps very basic tricks, but this editor is used to forgetting how to do the simplest things…
  • Finally, the I’m a Mac blog. This week we have an application for our Macs, Kitabu. With this application we will be able to read books in ePub format on our Macs. It’s free, so you can try it out and calibrate it if it’s what you’re looking for. In Soy de Mac they make us an analysis of it.

And that’s it for One more thing this week , see you next Saturday.

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