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One More Thing and the story of Peter and the Wolf

The pitcher goes so far into the fountain… that it finally breaks.

This happened to me. I started with a 15 Gb 3G iPod that I sold to my brother-in-law, and then it has been a constant coming and going of iPods: Minis, videos and nanos that have been placed among family members. The nano for the wife, the 6 Gb mini for the sister and recently the iPod video, which my father took one day, and in his house he…

One More Thing and the story of Peter and the Wolf
One More Thing and the story of Peter and the Wolf

No problem Curro! …you save up and as soon as the new one comes out you get it from the agencies. On top of that, it’ll be tactile, and Bluetooth… And with a huge screen and a lot of autonomy… or so they announce for the next Keynote. But time passes and you don’t know anything. And you need an mp3 player. So you end up going to buy one when you meet your friend on duty… – Nooooooo, you’re crazy! What are you doing looking at an iPod? The next Keynote will announce the new one, already with another processor and speakers, and a potassium permanganate battery and LED screen that will dance to the music…

The truth is that there is not a single real evidence of the much desired iPod touch and we are already discrediting the video iPod, the last one in the saga… the one that drove us crazy and made the iPod Photo a classic… And that is, for me, the great success of Apple, which sells its products so well that it is no longer that you want them, but that you need them… all of them…

So you wait for the big Keynote to arrive and finally announce it, while the wife, sister and father enjoy their nano, mini and video that were once yours… and that work so well.

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