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On World Emojis Day, the Apple calendar has a lot to say


Today is the anniversary of one of the Apple applications that doesn’t hog all the spotlights but that we all need and use every day: the calendar . Apple presented iCal 16 years ago on a day like today, July 17, at Macworld Expo in New York.

On World Emojis Day, the Apple calendar has a lot to say
On World Emojis Day, the Apple calendar has a lot to say

At that time, we are talking about the year 2002, there were still 5 years left for the original iPhone to see the light , so iCal was designed to work on Macs and iPods.

iCal arrived in 2002 as part of Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar as a calendar in which all the different calendars that users could handle were synchronized regardless of the system used.

Apple promoted iCal’s ability to synchronize calendars through “the next generation of Bluetooth enabled mobile phones, PalmOS devices and the iPod “, several of the most widely used devices at the time.

Now the calendar icon has changed, but before it always showed the date “July 17” precisely the date of the day it was presented. Something similar to what happens with the iPhone and the famous time 09:41.

However, today, which is World Emoji Day, the iOS keyboard calendar emojis keep this layout with the number 17. Specifically, we have 3 calendar emojis, one of which shows the month of July, and the other two show the date July 17th.

This is a new sample of the importance Apple gives to the icons it designs , they are not simple emojis, they have a story behind them. iCal was transformed into the calendar we all know, but its essence remains with us in the app of the iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Did you know this story about the Apple calendar?