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Omnifocus 2, the new version of Mac comes to the App Store


Omnifocus 2 is now available on the App Store . The OmniGroup task manager is officially released in version 2 after a trial period. An application that, for many, was the best in its class and now sees further improvement. I think it’s a great application too, but I can’t call it the best for one simple reason: the best application is only the one that suits you best.

Omnifocus 2, the new version of Mac comes to the App Store
Omnifocus 2, the new version of Mac comes to the App Store

When we made our special Task Manager we could already see that Omnifocus is a great application but, mainly oriented to advanced users because of all the options it offers. With the new version we keep maintaining all that and we gain improvements and extras so that nobody feels that something is missing.

The Omnifocus 2 interface has been updated. It is now cleaner and clearer. It maintains the original data format so that we can continue to synchronize smoothly with previous versions. But it improves the display of projects and tasks.

With regard to functionality, with two versions: standard and Pro, Omnifocus 2 offers everything you need to manage tasks plus extra options in the Pro version designed for more advanced users. These new features that we will be able to enjoy in the professional version consist of Focus, which will allow us to focus on the tasks that we must complete according to a calendar or even to see clearly all the completed ones.

We will also be able to use AppleScript and all the possibilities it brings with it by integrating it into other applications or launching actions through keyboard combinations, etc… Some ideas to take advantage of AppleScript.

And on a general level, for both the standard and the professional version, we have options to introduce a new task from virtually anywhere in the system, the ability to attach files, calendar, notifications and much more.

No doubt a very complete and powerful application. But I would recommend it only to those users who manage numerous projects and need an above-average level of control and detail. If not, besides the price factor, I think there are more than interesting managers who offer equally productive results.

In relation to prices. Omnifocus 2 for Mac has a price of 35.99 euros. The iPhone version is 17.99 euros and the iPad version is 35.99 euros (the latter has not yet been adapted to the iOS 7 interface). You can also buy it in Omnigroup’s own shop where you will have the advantage of getting a discount if you upgrade from previous versions (Mac version only). But as always, before buying it is best to try the trial version.

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