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Officially, Samsung blatantly copied Apple

A new circle is closed between Samsung and Apple thanks to the final verdict of the jury that was dealing with this “love” issue between both companies.

Koreans will have to pay Californians the amount of 538.6 million dollars . Apple says it is very pleased with this amount, in addition to the jury’s decision to finally recognize their efforts at creativity, where Samsung took advantage of the tug to copy their designs.

Officially, Samsung blatantly copied Apple
Officially, Samsung blatantly copied Apple

Samsung has not made any statement on this matter, although on other occasions he did so with a declaration of unconvincing intentions, at least for this jury.

The amount that Apple will receive from Samsung, is related to the copy of patents and design of their terminals. A clear example of this, was the Galaxy S , where it took the palm as infringement of patents and design. A design very similar to the original iPhone and which Samsung has been profiting from.

The amount imposed by this jury must be paid immediately. The half million dollars refers to Samsung’s profits for infringing the patents and the damages suffered by Apple. Let’s remember the terminals that existed before the arrival of the iPhone, especially from Samsung and those that it started distributing later.

Apple feels very satisfied with this decision, where they have stated that: “It’s a fact that Samsung blatantly copied our design. We are grateful to the jury for their service and very happy that they agree that Samsung should pay for copying our products”.

In the first instance, Apple wanted $1 billion for the profits of the Galaxy S, while Samsung offered only $28 million. The Koreans claimed that their terminal design did not copy all the patents and terminal design of the Californians. In the end, the Koreans claimed that they did not deposit more than half a billion dollars to the creators of the iPhone .

Do you think this decision is the fairest for both parties?

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