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Official launch of iTunes Match in Spain


And this time with confirmation from Apple. We have just received the press release from Apple announcing the official launch of iTunes Match in the UK . At Apple we have already commented in other posts what is iTunes Match and how it works, but it’s always good to read the official note so here it goes.

Official launch of iTunes Match in Spain
Official launch of iTunes Match in Spain

iTunes Match stores your entire music library in iCloud – including music from your CDs – and lets you enjoy it anytime, anywhere, on your iOS devices, computers, or Apple TV. So even songs you’ve imported from CDs that are properly labeled can be stored in iCloud. Actually, only songs that aren’t on the iTunes Store are uploaded to the cloud from your computer. The ones that were already there (the iTunes Store library is over 20 million songs) are already in iCloud and therefore do not need to be uploaded. All this is automatic.

Once all the music in iCloud is synchronized, we can play, download and store the music on any of our devices. In addition, songs on the iTunes Store will play and download from iCloud at 256-Kbps AAC quality and DRM-free , even if the user’s original copy is of lower quality.

iTunes Match is available as an annual subscription for the price of 24.99 euros per year . The requirements for iTunes Match are an iCloud account (free) and the latest version of the iTunes program (iTunes 10.5.2) installed on your Mac or PC.

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