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Official Apple Pay in Spain

Cómo activar y usar Apple Pay con tu tarjeta del Banco Santander en tu iPhone, Apple Watch y Mac

We gave you an exclusive preview yesterday and we can finally confirm it: Apple Pay is already working in Spain , although for the moment and as we will tell you, with some restrictions. The expected payment service can be used from now on and as we told you yesterday by customers of the bank Santander , owners of cards American Express (although only those issued by themselves), cards Edenred (restaurant ticket) and those issued by Financial Services Carrefour .

Official Apple Pay in Spain
Official Apple Pay in Spain

Although as you can imagine, this is only the beginning since Cupertino’s already advance that “the list will be updated as banks are added “, implying that negotiations are still closing in order to incorporate more financial institutions.

If you have any of the above requirements to be able to make payments with the Tim Cook system, you will be able to pay from now on with Apple Pay in certain shops. And the process couldn’t be easier:

  • Open Wallet and at the top you will find a window where you are invited to add a credit or debit card. If you don’t see it, try restarting your iPhone.
  • In the next step you can add this card by scanning it using the camera or adding the number by hand. What happens if we try to add an unsupported card? The system will alert us of this and invite us to contact our financial institution to receive information about the arrival of Apple Pay. As commented by hercoma, in the case of Santander it is necessary to activate the CES (Secure Electronic Commerce) in order to activate the cards.
  • Make the payment: you only need to bring the iPhone close to the reader with your finger placed on TouchID without having to open Wallet “or look at the screen”, as pointed out by Apple. You will notice a vibration and hear a sound confirming the payment. If you are going to use the Apple Watch, you only need to touch the side button twice while bringing the device closer to the reader.

Which stores support Apple Pay? You can start payments today at Sephora , Cortefiel , Starbucks and VIPS , and

We are still in doubt as to whether it is operational in shops with contactless POS , but we will resolve this as soon as the first tests are carried out. Confirmed: Apple Pay works with any contactless reader , in fact, our Pedro Aznar has made a couple of payments in shops with this system.

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