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Official AirPod battery replacement price in Spain

After a longer than expected wait, the AirPods are starting to reach the first buyers. The first reactions to these Apple wireless headphones are being quite good, but some doubts are already beginning to emerge about how Apple will treat them in the coming months or years. One of these questions is clear. How much will it cost to change the battery in the AirPods?

Batteries have a life span that is generally less than that of the device they power. In the case of the AirPods this also occurs and taking into account that it is an intensive use accessory with five hours of autonomy this can be a problem due to the rhythm of charge/discharge cycles that they will surely undergo. This is why the question of the price of replacing the battery in the headphones is on the minds of many people who have already bought or are thinking of buying them.

Official AirPod battery replacement price in SpainOfficial AirPod battery replacement price in Spain

Due to their characteristics, the change of the battery of the AirPods cannot be done by just anyone and it will be most common to do it in some technical service of Apple (or some external one, although we always recommend the official one to minimize the risk of finding an unprofessional service that does not fulfill what they promise).

The price of replacing the battery with a new one will depend on whether or not our AirPods have a manufacturing defect, as well as whether or not they are covered by warranty or Apple Care. Thus, depending on the situation of the headphones, the prices in Spain are

  • AirPods out of warranty or without manufacturing fault: 67.10
  • AirPods with warranty or Apple Care: free replacement in case of manufacturing failure (does not include normal battery wear)
  • Change of battery in the charging case: 69 $ (price in Spain not yet published).

These are the official prices that Apple has published on its support website and which from now on applies to all its official technical services.

Until a few months from now, nobody will have to pay for this service, since the AirPods have just arrived on the market and they are all protected by a guarantee. But possibly within a year we will start seeing people who need to use this service to continue using their AirPods.