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Office 2016 for Mac will have a major upgrade that you can try now

Si no puedes enviar un correo de Outlook, Office 365 o Exchange en iOS 11 tranquilo, no eres el único

At Microsoft, it has not stood still after seeing Apple apply important updates to all its operating systems. The company today released an update to its Office for Mac package in its Insider Fast test program, which includes several new features that are highly requested by users.

Office 2016 for Mac will have a major upgrade that you can try nowOffice 2016 for Mac will have a major upgrade that you can try now

There’s everything: auto-save in OneDrive and SharePoint folders for Office 365 users, shared authoring between multiple users, more data sharing options, new graphics in Word, new calculation features in Excel… in Redmond they don’t want the machine version of Office to be in the shadow of the Windows version again.

Visual Basic for Applications is also updated , although with not all the functions present in Windows for a pure question of difference between platforms. Outlook gains the use of emojis when writing its emails, and PowerPoint Designer gains new templates to generate your own slide designs.

If you’re part of the Office Insider Fast program, you can access these new features right now. If not, just wait for all these new features to arrive in the form of an official, stable update.

What they don’t say is anything about the compatibility of this new version with High Sierra macOS: let’s remember that they warned that we were going to have problems even using the 2016 version. It wouldn’t be bad if either in this or in future updates they solve the problem, since personally I have already seen more than one user who prefers not to upgrade to High Sierra until they have guarantees that Office will work properly.

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