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Oferta Smart Battery Case for iPhone: 25% discount

Getting to the end of the day without battery problems is perhaps one of the greatest desires of users, especially on those occasions when they have to spend the day away from home. A good way to be safe from this problem is with Apple’s Smart Battery Case for iPhone, which is now on sale.

Smart Battery Case for iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

The new iPhone 11 has one of the best autonomies on the market and, of course, the longest life ever seen on an iPhone. This is especially noticeable on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, but even with this device there are users who may demand something more, such as spending more than two days without using the charger.

Oferta Smart Battery Case for iPhone: 25% discount
Oferta Smart Battery Case for iPhone: 25% discount

On Amazon we can find the official Apple battery cases with an interesting discount. Specifically, it is a 20% discount compared to the 149 euros sold in the Apple Store, since they are available for 30 euros less. Without a doubt, this is an offer to be taken into account, since it will also have the same guarantee as if it were bought in the official store, since it is the company of the apple that sells these covers through the portal.

Buy Discount Smart Battery Case for iPhone 11Buy Discount Smart Battery Case for iPhone 11 ProBuy Discount Smart Battery Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Please note that not all colors are available at a discount, so we recommend checking first. However, the colours chosen for this case combine well with any colour of iPhone. Something to highlight also of these versions of Smart Battery Case is that they have an additional button with which we can take a picture quickly, being located on a lower side of the case.

Also for the iPhone XR Smart Battery Case

If you have a previous generation iPhone XR, you will also find a discount on the corresponding battery case for your phone. In this case it is a discount of 35.63 euros , as it can be found for 113.37 euros. In this case we find what is available in color white , a color that combines perfectly with any color that has this device.

Buy Discount Smart Battery Case for iPhone XR

Maybe in these days of confinement the iPhone battery issue can be less problematic, but at some point we can get back out there and maybe then you’ll need an extra charge. So, if you were already thinking about buying one of these cases, now is probably the best time. We don’t know how long the offer will last, so we recommend hurrying before it runs out. It’s certainly a great option if you have battery issues on an iPhone XR.