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O2 has iPhone 3G stock issues in the UK

This is neither a joke nor a rumour, as O2’s official iPhone 3G website attests: O2 is having trouble getting supplies to the new iPhone 3G , and the problem has reached such a point that has officially announced that its online stock has run out , as stated on its own website.

Fortunately for all those who want to acquire the device and have not yet booked it in that country, it seems that O2 will extend the information on July 10 , curiously a day before the theoretical launch in almost the entire balloon.

O2 has iPhone 3G stock issues in the UK
O2 has iPhone 3G stock issues in the UK

O2 had activated the backup page of the iPhone 3G just this morning, and the number of incoming connections must have been so bestial that threw the servers off the page for a few hours . O2 has not notified the actual number of requests it has from Apple’s phone, and this is why from my point of view two things could happen:

  1. That the demand took O2 by surprise and they didn’t have the technical means to deal with it. It would be a problem of O2 itself that they hope to fix before the 10th, when they will reopen the reserves for the lagging buyers, supposedly with more units available.
  2. That the demand has surpassed O2 and is more a problem of the manufacturer, of Apple, which has not manufactured enough and necessary units, with a bad prediction of what was coming. It is clear that with a cheaper price than the first generation and more affordable data rates, demand had to be very high.

The problem would be much more serious than it seems at first sight if we are dealing with the second case : the number of iPhone 3G manufactured is not high enough to satisfy the amount of customers that have appeared only in the UK and only in a few hours. I don’t want to imagine what would have happened without the booking system and if all the shops around the world had opened simultaneously.

This problem could be extrapolated to Spain : many of you have sent us the information that the iPhone 3G in Spain will come in very few units , even reaching only certain stores in the whole Spanish territory. If this information becomes true (as you have told us, the Movistar operators themselves have told you), we will have to see what percentage of customers take a step back and, after waiting a year for the phone to arrive in Spain, change handset or even company.

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Here in Spain it seems that we are being taken for fools , although this is nothing new. Everything points to the fact that we will have to wait until the last day to know the official rates , although fortunately we can have a rough idea but, watch out, not yet official. It seems that they are playing with us until the last moment, and if finally people have to wait a few months to stock of iPhone 3G after having waited since June last year for the device to be released in Spain, it would be Apple itself who should give some explanation about what happened or compensate its suffering customers .


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