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Nummers en Mac App Store

Create amazing spreadsheets with Numbers for Mac. Choose one of Apple’s pre-made templates for keeping your accounts, calculating your mortgage, preparing bills, creating lists, and more. Add tables, graphs, images, and text anywhere on the sheet. When you start writing a formula, built-in help and tips appear for the more than 250 functions available. Illustrate data with new interactive column, bar, bubble, and scatter plots. Easily filter data-intensive tables and automatically update cell formatting for numbers, text, dates, or durations with new conditional highlighting. And with the new calculation engine, Numbers is faster than ever.

iCloud integration keeps your spreadsheets up to date across all your devices. And real-time collaboration allows everyone on your team to work simultaneously from a Mac, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch – or even from an iWork for iCloud PC.

Nummers en Mac App Store
Nummers en Mac App Store

Simultaneous collaboration

– Thanks to real-time collaboration, all members of your team can work at the same time on the same spreadsheet.
– Numbers allows you to collaborate simultaneously from a Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, as well as from a PC with Numbers for iCloud.
– Share your document publicly or only with whomever you choose.
– See who accesses the document at the same time as you.
– You can see other people’s cursor to know what they are editing.

– Available in spreadsheets saved in iCloud or Box.

First steps

– More than 30 Apple templates
– Simplified toolbar with quick access to figures, multimedia content, tables, graphics and sharing options.
– The format panel changes automatically depending on what is selected.
– Use the smart categories to look at your data in a whole new way.
– Organize and summarize the tables quickly to get new statistics.
– Import and edit Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
– Import and edit CSV and tab-separated text files.

– Quickly open password-protected spreadsheets using Touch ID on compatible Mac computers.

Spectacular spreadsheets

– Add tables, graphs, images and text anywhere on the sheet.

– Add several tables to the same sheet and change their size.

– Create tables with improved cell border styles.
– Use predefined styles to give your texts, tables, figures and images a different look.
– Represent the data in a more visual way with the new donut graphs.
– Add an interactive image gallery to view a collection of photos.
– Insert photos, music and video with the multimedia browser.
– Improve your spreadsheets with a library of over 700 editable figures.

Formulas for all

– More than 250 advanced features.
– Suggestions when writing formulas.

– Function Explorer with integrated help and formula examples.

– Instant formula results, error checking, exact values and cell formatting with the new intelligent cell view.
– Adds stock information to spreadsheets.

– Add your favorite features to “Quick Calculations” to see results instantly.

Everything square to perfection

– Insert 2D and 3D graphics.
– It illustrates the data with interactive column, bar, bubble and scatter plots.
– It automatically highlights cells according to whether they are numbers, texts, dates and durations.

– Filter tables with a lot of data.
– Changes the values in a cell using sliders, steps, boxes, menus and star ratings.

Some features require Internet access; fees and conditions apply.