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Numbers is the most innovative spreadsheet app for mobile devices. Created specifically for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, it supports Multi-Touch gestures and smart zoom, and lets you create amazing spreadsheets with just your fingers.

Start with one of 30 pre-made Apple templates for keeping track of your home, calculating your mortgage, preparing bills, creating lists, and more. Choose from more than 250 functions, and draw or write with the Apple Pencil on supported devices or directly with your finger. Tap to add tables, graphs, images, and text anywhere on the sheet. Tap and drag with your finger to sort columns or rows and to resize tables. Double-tap a cell to view the smart keyboard and type formulas, dates, or durations. Illustrate data with interactive column, bar, bubble, and scatter plots. And with the new calculation engine, Numbers is faster than ever.

Números en la App Store
Números en la App Store

iCloud integration keeps your spreadsheets up to date across all your devices. And real-time collaboration allows everyone on your team to work simultaneously from a Mac, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch – or even from an iWork for iCloud PC.

Simultaneous collaboration

– Thanks to real-time collaboration, all members of your team can work at the same time on the same spreadsheet.
– Numbers allows simultaneous collaboration from a Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, as well as from a PC with Numbers for iCloud.
– Share your document publicly or only with whomever you choose.
– See who accesses the document at the same time as you.
– You can see other people’s cursor to know what they are editing.

– Available in spreadsheets saved in iCloud or Box.

First steps

– More than 30 Apple templates
– Press a cell twice to see the smart keyboard and add text, formulas, dates, etc.

– New action menu with most tasks at one touch.

– Resize a table and organize rows or columns by dragging them.

– Import and edit CSV and Microsoft Excel files using Mail, a WebDAV service or iTunes File Sharing.
– Quickly open password-protected spreadsheets using Touch ID or Face ID on supported devices.

Spectacular spreadsheets

– Add tables, graphs, images and text anywhere on the sheet.

– Enhance tables, graphics, images and text with predefined styles.
– Represent the data in a more visual way with the new donut graphs.
– Add an interactive image gallery to view a collection of photos.
– Insert photos and videos with the multimedia browser.
– Improve your spreadsheets with a library of more than 600 editable figures.

– Creates a form to enter data quickly.
– Use rulers, alignment guides, and graphic tools for precise editing.

Everything square to perfection

– More than 250 advanced features.
– Help and examples for each function.
– Sort columns in ascending or descending order.
– Show or hide rows and columns.
– Enables and disables filters in imported spreadsheets.
– Insert 2D and 3D graphics.
– It illustrates the data with interactive column, bar, bubble and scatter plots.
– Change values using controllers, steps, boxes, menus and star ratings.

– Adds stock information to spreadsheets.


– Activate iCloud to have your spreadsheets automatically appear on your Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, as well as on
– Access and edit your spreadsheets at from a Mac or PC browser with Numbers for iCloud.

Some features require Internet access; fees and conditions apply.

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