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Now you can have your own replica of a NeXT Computer with this Raspberry Pi

NeXT y BeOS: 20 años de la adquisición que salvó a Apple.

When Steve Jobs left Apple in 1985, he created a company called NeXT Inc. His goal was to create a workstation primarily for the education sector. This computer was called the NeXT Computer and although it never achieved the popularity of the Apple II or Macintosh on the market, it remained a mythical device.

Now you can have your own replica of a NeXT Computer with this Raspberry Pi
Now you can have your own replica of a NeXT Computer with this Raspberry Pi

Now, those who have ever wanted to have one in their lives have the opportunity to do so. Or, rather, print it out. You can now build your own replica of a working NeXT Computer .

A housing for the replica of a NexT Computer

Nina Richards is a web designer whose hobby is creating objects using 3D printing. On this occasion, she has decided to create a miniature replica of the NeXT Computer that she details on her website.

This is a housing for a Raspberry Pi 3 in the shape of a cube, with dimensions of 10 centimetres on each side. His intention was to create the device to function as a home server. As a curiosity, Sir Tim Berners-Lee used a NeXT Computer as his first web server.

Richards also shows all the components he used to create the mirror, including them:

To print the housing parts, he used an Ultimaker 2+ 3D, which costs more than 3,500 euros. Richards has left on his website and available to anyone the plans he used to create the replica of the NeXT Computer.

Sanding and hand painting

The instructions provided by Nina Richards serve to create all the necessary parts of the housing. A front part that acts as the centrepiece, a series of “wings”, the back part and a tray to support all the Raspberry’s electronic components.

Now, anyone with a 3D printer at hand can build their replica thanks to Richards’ plans

Richards shows the whole process in his video , where you can see that once the pieces are printed, he proceeds to sand and paint them. The finish is quite good and, once everything is assembled, it ends up being a fairly close replica of the original.

This was the original NeXT Computer, which debuted in 1988 for $6,500 at the time.

The original NeXT Computer was released at the end of 1988 with a price of $6500 . This is almost three times the amount in today’s dollars. And now, thanks to this replica, you can have one for a fraction of the cost and it fits in the palm of your hand. As long as you have a 3D printer on hand, of course.

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