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Now you can add the funniest filters to your Instagram

Since the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook, many changes have occurred in the well-known social network of photos and videos. We should not forget that Instagram was originally a social network for photos only.

Many new features have been incorporated into Instagram since its inception. The first step was the incorporation of videos now common, but which at that time were in great demand by the community.

Now you can add the funniest filters to your Instagram
Now you can add the funniest filters to your Instagram

The appearance of certain competitors made the photo app suffer one of the biggest downturns , making new applications like Snapchat the most used at that time.

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Once Instagram was acquired by Facebook, it began implementing the famous Instagram statuses, which were initially heavily criticized for copying its most direct competitor .

The latest additions to Instagram such as live broadcasts, or the possibility of sending ephemeral photos privately, have made Instagram one of the most used social networks in the world again .

Precisely because of this and because of their desire to improve their application, Instagram has incorporated what they call face filters . To make it easier to understand, these new filters will decorate your face with fun animations. No doubt, a copy based on the already well-known Snapchat filters.

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To use these filters, the first thing you must do is update the application to its latest version. Once there, you simply have to go to the camera section where we upload our stories and there using the front camera and clicking on our face you will display these great animations .

No doubt, the mathematician, the rabbit and the princess and flower wreaths will be one of the great sensations these days, and be sure that your story feed will be full of this novelty .

Now we’ll see what Snapchat’s response is, as each day seems to be closer to its end. Also, with this Instagram achieves something very important for its users, who have been demanding this type of filter for a long time .

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