Now that I can do the Jailbreak, is it worth it?

As we all know, on Monday the long-awaited Jailbreak Untethered for iOS 6 was released by EvasiOn. Many will be doubting now whether to do it or not, since after making the jump to the Jailbreak there is no turning back. There are multiple pros and cons and depending on who you are and how you think you will win the pros or cons in your personal debate. Next, in this personal article I talk about my particular debate and my experience in these few 24 hours with the Jailbreak done.

On Monday the long awaited Jailbreak Untethered for iOS 6 was released, and this is undoubtedly the Jailbreak that took the longest to come out .

Now that I can do the Jailbreak, is it worth it?
Now that I can do the Jailbreak, is it worth it?

Many will now have the big question of whether or not to do the Jailbreak on their immaculate devices. Unfortunately only you have the real reasons to do it or not. Below I will explain my case and my reasons for doing the Jailbreak. Although I was always very reluctant to do such a thing to my beloved iPhone, since about a year ago, I started to see it with different eyes.

As soon as it went on sale, in Spanish territory, the iPhone 4 knew it had to be mine, and it was. With it, I have seen three different operating systems pass from the iOS 4 to the iOS 6. I saw the birth of the folders, the notification center, the FaceTime, among many other improvements that Apple has implemented these last years in its portable operating system.

About 2 and a half years after its purchase I decided to do the Jailbreak to the iPhone. The reasons are simple, I no longer have any kind of warranty , the Home button works worse and worse and honestly, I wanted to see something else , something different on screen. Yesterday I didn’t hesitate and jumped into the pool. Now, after almost 24 hours of doing it I couldn’t be happier . With the tweaks that I installed I manage multitasking much better and I’ve already forgotten about the double click of the Home button.

Many will think that doing the Jailbreak now that Installous has closed is something that makes a lot of sense. But the truth is that this is not entirely true, since there are several alternatives that are just as feasible, such as vShare . I have to clarify that I am totally against the piracy of applications, since these, in general, have a much lower price than their quality. In addition, they can often vary in price due to a limited time offer from the developer.

Actually, I feel that I’m learning by leaps and bounds about everything that has to do with the Jailbreak and at the moment, I only see good and interesting things.

Of course, I wouldn’t have considered doing the Jailbreak if for example, the Home button worked as it should and the iOS operating system had evolved better. Besides, I sincerely believe that we will all end up doing the Jailbreak to our devices because of the programmed obsolescence , but we will talk about that some other time.

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