Now Siri knows when to stop listening

Sometimes when we used Siri outside the house, for example in a place with a lot of background noise, Siri might not recognize when we had just spoken and would always stay listening for a while longer, when we had certainly finished with the voice command . This is fixed in iOS 7.1.

In a very simple way Apple has implemented that we can control the listening of Siri manually. There is no need to enable any options and it is not a trick in the accessibility settings.

  1. Press the Home button to invoke Siri as usual and hold it down.
  2. Keep pressing the Home button and tell Siri what you need to tell her.
  3. Leave the Home button and Siri will stop listening and start processing what you have told her.
Now Siri knows when to stop listening
Now Siri knows when to stop listening

This is the easiest way to do it nowadays and it eliminates the possibility of Siri making a mistake, listening to us forever and almost insulting us for not understanding us. Another possibility is to activate the Speaking device , which detects when we put the phone to our ear to activate Siri.

As we told you yesterday with the update of iOS 7.1 in the Siri section, apart from this addition, new more natural male and female voices have been added for Mandarin Chinese, Australian English, British English and Japanese.

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