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Now officially on sale in the USA

At the same time this entry is posted, the iPad goes on sale in the USA , at 9:00 East Coast Time. As you may have noticed from the follow up we are giving to the event, the same queues have been formed and the same maximum attention has been achieved as when the iPhone was first released.

And yet, it has not been a product that has entered with a good foot, not even among the users of the brand itself. Many of us saw ( including me ) a giant iPod touch launched with the sole intention of serving as an application sales platform. It is a device that promises a lot , but I would say that even for the first time in Apple’s history, its future is not in your hands. It is the apps that will mark the success or the failure. Although seeing the trajectory the device is taking in only three months, in which is increasingly attractive , thinking about a failure is almost impossible.

Now officially on sale in the USANow officially on sale in the USA

It must also be recognized that the level of demand with the new Apple tablet was very high: Years and years of rumors, leaks and dead ends have marked a path and expectations that could hardly be met. Apple has limited itself to repeating the formula , creating a magnificent device ( the huge, efficient and crisp multitouch screen ) and basing it on the touch operating system they use on the iPhone. It was a risky bet, or not so risky?

We’re talking about Apple: When these people bring a product under their arm, it doesn’t usually come empty-handed. They are joined by the most important firms in the publishing world , ready to tuck in a new generation of e-books for the launch of their new product.

Perhaps it has been a device questioned for not providing the same freedom as a netbook or mini-portable… because the iPad is not . However, as the time for launch has come, Apple has shown us with its guides all that an iPad can do, and that only at the time of its release… the best is yet to come .

As I’ve read in various media, the potential of the iPad is not even apparent. When this device is improved by Apple, and maybe in a year when Apple can launch it almost half price as it happens with the iPhone today, it will become a real bestseller, with millions of applications ready for download and a new market ( books ) already established.

So strong has been the iPad’s release, that Apple has allowed itself to take Adobe out of the picture definitively, has drawn attention to HTML5 and is getting large web portals to modify their structure to adapt to this new specification and be “iPad ready”. Even Amazon, the creator of the Kindle and maximum competition in the e-book market, has an iPad version of its reader ready (and has updated its iPhone version to make it compatible with the iPad ).

Especial lanzamiento iPad

The iPad may or may not like . It may not like it at first, and over time, find some value in it. It can be liked at first and then discarded in favour of other devices ( a netbook or even a simple iPhone ). These are the questions that anyone interested in technology has asked since it was introduced on January 27, 2010.

There is a quote in French that you can paint suitable for the occasion: ” Rendez-vous avec l’iPad “, a quote with the iPad . And we will all go through it, to evaluate the device and ask those questions .

And that, in itself, is a success. And few companies can achieve it. Welcome iPad!

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