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Now available the PADRE program for Mac that will allow us to make the Rent 2012

Programa PADRE para Mac

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Now available the PADRE program for Mac that will allow us to make the Rent 2012Now available the PADRE program for Mac that will allow us to make the Rent 2012

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La Renta 2012 is already here. It is up to all of us to get to grips with this arduous task that we hate so much and that the Inland Revenue launched a few days ago. Since April 2 we could download our draft, and from today we have at our disposal the program PADRE to install on our Mac. In this entry we tell you a little more about it.

As of April 2, the Inland Revenue opened the deadline for us to apply for the 2012 draft of our income . If you are lucky, the draft may be enough for you to file your tax return, but if your case is like mine you will have to make an appointment with the Inland Revenue to file your tax return, or download the PARENT program and do it at home.

Until a few years ago having a Mac and using the FATHER program was not possible, but the Inland Revenue made an effort and introduced versions for both Linux and Mac , so if you use Mac at home, you don’t need to boot up Parallels or VMware for that, there is a native Mac version.

As we said, from April 2nd it is possible to order the draft, and from today you can download the FATHER program from the Inland Revenue website . Now there is always a but, and that is that this software needs JAVA to work, so if we do not have it installed on our Mac, we will have to download it from the Oracle website. In case we already have it installed, we will follow the instructions of this one to proceed with its update.

Once installed, we will have it in the AEAT folder, inside the Applications folder of OS X. In order to use the PARENT program you must have first asked for the draft and have the reference code , which is what identifies you as a user.

Once inside, we will create a new declaration and fill in our personal and fiscal data. Once everything has been filled in, the program will send us to the Tax Office website to download all our information as taxpayers and it will be uploaded to the return we have just created.

Once the declaration is finished, we go to File> Telematic Presentation , and select the declaration we want to present. A window will pop up to check that all the information is correct, and if so, let us send it over the Internet.

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