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Now available the 802.11n activator (for 1.99 ?)

Enrique Dans: Criticando a Apple por cinco dólares

Yes, as many of you have told us ( thanks to all of you ), the 802.11n protocol enabler is now available for all Intel Macs that support it . To get it, just go to the UK store ( or your country’s store ) and search for ” AirPort enabler “, you’ll see it right away.

Now available the 802.11n activator (for 1.99 ?)Now available the 802.11n activator (for 1.99 ?)

I volunteered as a guinea pig and downloaded the trigger. Come on, that I bought it , for 1.99 The process couldn’t be simpler: Once the purchase has been processed, a direct download link for the application that updates the system appears on the invoice itself. It requires a reboot, and that’s it. The whole system works the same as before, there was no need to configure anything … nor reconfigure anything, which is what I was most worried about. At home I have a wireless network mounted on an AirPort Express . All without problems. As soon as I can I will try out the new 802.11n capabilities with some other compatible equipment.

Regarding the payment of 1.99 euros, I read in ALT1040 the explanation that Enrique Dans gives on the subject , the clearest I have seen so far ( I quote ):

Remember that the update is not mandatory under any circumstances…

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