Now available our weekly podcast with interesting news

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Now available our weekly podcast with interesting news
Now available our weekly podcast with interesting news

Ricky Fernandez

Posted on January 29, 2018 – 19:53

Jaime Ortega brings us the latest news from the world of Apple in a podcast for your use and enjoyment.

As always, our weekly podcast selects the most important news to keep you up to date in case you’ve missed out.

From this post, you can listen to it and comment on it in the comment box, to create debate on the current affairs of the Apple world.

Listen to “Apple News (29012018)” on Spreaker.

Although we have already talked about it, this week we have had news about a new iPhone SE 2 or rather, the 2018 version. There are some rumors that are gaining strength, where some analysts agree with several terms.

Apple has kindly launched a update battery for all the devices, besides they have also given the betas button, so if you are interested in knowing all the news that Apple will offer us in a short period of time, you can access the betas program.

The HomePod is now available for booking. On Friday 26th, Apple gave the go-ahead for the marketing of this long-awaited smart speaker. From February, all users who have booked a unit will be able to enjoy this long-awaited smart speaker.

The batteries of the new iPhone will come in an L-shape , like those in the iPhone X. It seems that LG will be in charge of producing them. With this new link between Apple and LG the collaborations are closer.

After 10 years of giving everything and being a reference in the design of laptops from other manufacturers, Apple could launch a new 13-inch MacBook to replace the Air. The MacBook Air is an extraordinary computer with an affordable price, where in many occasions, we can find it even for less than 900 euros.

So far our weekly podcast, we are waiting for your comments to know what you think about it.

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