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Now anyone can unlock your iPhone

Apple tiene la solución a Graykey: nadie podrá desbloquear tu iPhone

De momento toca esperar para ver cómo avanza este caso , aunque desde ya esperamos que nunca se revele el código completo del GrayKey ya que sin duda no sería una buena noticia para casi nadie, ya que cualquiera con un poco de conocimientos podría desbloquear nuestro iPhone en muy poco tiempo.

Now anyone can unlock your iPhone
Now anyone can unlock your iPhone

¿Crees que tenemos que temer ante una posible filtración completa del código del GrayKey?

I’m sure that after reading the title of this article you’ve been a bit worried, because it’s not very normal to talk about unlocking an iPhone, in such a common way. However, you should not be too worried, because although the GrayKey is a device capable of unlocking any iPhone , in a few hours, so far its price has made it a device available to very few, also seems that it is not always equally effective.

But let’s start at the beginning, GrayKey is a device that can unlock an iPhone, even with iOS 11.3, and has an entry price of $15,000. In the last few days it has made headlines by leaking part of its code , and it can be found easily on the Internet.

The filtered part of the code is small and doesn’t give any hint about the operation of the device, although according to the source that has revealed that part of the code, they have it complete when exposed by an incorrect configuration of a GrayKey. This has been confirmed by Grayshift itself, the manufacturer of this increasingly popular device.

In order not to reveal the full code, they ask for only $15,000 in exchange, which we should remember is the entry fee for one of these devices. This may make us think that they don’t have the full code , although if they do and make it public they could put Grayshift, Apple and all of us who use an iPhone every day in a very serious problem.

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