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now allows to format the text of the mails


Spark, one of our favourite email managers, has just been updated with new features for the app. This new update (which comes along with iOS and macOS) brings us an essential function when writing emails: to be able to format the text to make it more visual .

now allows to format the text of the mails
now allows to format the text of the mails

In AppleLlega Spark 2 for iOS and macOS, collaborative mail for teams arrives

The truth is that I cannot understand how this was not implemented until now. In previous versions of Spark, we were able to format the text with a minimum of bold and little more than what iOS and macOS allowed in their native text editor. The new update however brings a complete editor with its interface buttons and various functions. They are as follows:

  • Add bold
  • Add italics
  • Add underline
  • Highlight text
  • Adding lists
  • Adding ordered lists
  • Bleeding a text
  • Adding links
  • Remove all formatting from the text

With these new functions we will be able to write much more visual emails . The interesting thing about writing an email is that it should be as concise and direct as possible, as nobody wants to waste time reading emails. In order to do this, being able to bold what matters or list the basics in a list is vital.

Over the years Spark has established itself as one of the leading mail managers on Apple platforms. Having the same interface on both desktop and mobile is easier to use. On the other hand, it adds new functions constantly and especially useful. For example, being able to send mail later, receive read notifications, customize mailboxes or templates for automated mail. Formatting text is the latest development, although it will come sooner.

The new Spark update is available on the App Store and Mac App Store right now. Spark is a free email manager and no in-app purchases or subscriptions for individual use. The service’s revenue comes from professional plans where team management and collaboration is allowed for emails, as we saw when Spark 2 was introduced.

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