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Notify, the Facebook news application

We are increasingly connected to our environment and everything that happens in it . Not long ago we depended on media such as radio, TV or even the newspaper to know what was going on in the world and, as a consequence, we received information with a time delay determined by the frequency of update of such media.

Over time, technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, to the point where news is sometimes known hours before it is made public to the world through more conventional means. This is largely due, more specifically, to the portable devices that we always carry with us and which are increasingly powerful, the smartphones. But the big culprit of this powerful connectivity is social networks .

Notify, the Facebook news application
Notify, the Facebook news application

We are in the information age, everything that happens around us, we have at our fingertips in real time. Apps like Facebook or Twitter take care of that. Both are the most prominent in the industry, -with millions of users behind them sharing status and news quickly- but perhaps, Twitter is a step above. This difference is largely due to the well-known 140-character limit of the “bird Larry” company, which allows you to give a headline and attach its corresponding link to explain the news in more detail. I’m not going to discover Twitter, we all know it already. Facebook knows about this advantage of Twitter in the field of news and has released an application -for the moment only in the United States- with which it intends to be a leader in the sector. This application is called Notify , an application in which the news comes by headlines ordered in chronological order in a column -just like Twitter- and with the option to expand the news by clicking on each one of them.

  • When we open the application for the first time, we must log in with our Facebook account.
  • We select the fonts we want to follow in the different categories that Notify.
  • Within the selected sources, we will select the sections that interest us, for example, in a sports source we will mark only the sections of the teams that we want to follow in order to receive more specific notifications.

Yeah, I said get notified. The name of this application is no coincidence. The most important feature of the new Facebook app, is the ability to notify us at the time of the news published by the sources we have added as our favorites. Sports matches, the weather, the latest films on the billboards or information alerts that we can display on the same blocking screen as a headline and, if we are interested, we can expand the information when we unblock the terminal.

There are many news applications on the App Store that are well established. Headed by Twitter, they are followed by applications such as Feedly, Flipboard or Breaking News +. Notify is a bit late but, with Facebook behind it, you’ll most likely get your chance. The next step is to reach other countries , since for the moment we can only download it from the American App Store and with the sources of that country.

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