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Notifications… So much for this?! iOS 5 Notification Center

No, I’m not thinking of Android (you know, who steals from a thief…) but rather of LockInfo and MobileNotifier , two applications available on Cydia for Jailbreak devices that basically serve the same function as the new iOS 5 Notification Center : modify the behaviour of the notifications so that they are not so intrusive and add a place accessible from the lock screen or by sliding your finger from the top where you can gather the last notifications received.

Notifications… So much for this?!
Notifications… So much for this?!

The iOS 5 Notification Center isn’t as pretty as WebOS, but its interface definitely outperforms this application duo. The only drawback is that while they have managed to successfully bring the unlocking system to each notification to launch the relevant application without risk of false keystrokes, a LockInfo problem, they do not even come close to this in functionality.

On the right the iOS 5 Notification Center and on the left the LockInfo (Jailbreak) application

The new iOS 5 notification system is a big step forward, a necessary step , but considering the time it has taken, one would have expected a pole vault that I fear will be staggered in successive versions as it happened in its day with the native applications.

Although we’ll have to wait to take a good look at the iOS 5 developer documentation, everything seems to indicate that except for what we’ve seen (stock market price and time) there won’t be an API for the creation of widgets (the Lockinfo plugins) and the ones that Apple decides to enable won’t even appear on the lock screen, only in the Notification Center.

Of course, when the cessation of the cessation is over. The animation of the notifications when they appear in the upper area, the customization options (still insufficient but more generous than usual) and the possibility of going directly to the app related to the notification with just one finger move are cool and a lot… but from Apple, I want and expect more .

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