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Noted, the best app for taking written and voice notes

Finding the perfect note application is not an easy task, and you almost always end up with the native iOS application. If you are still actively searching, Noted may be an interesting option to consider, since it allows you to take notes and record audio at the same time.

Take notes in a different way

There are many applications that we can find in the App Store to take notes. But without a doubt, Noted takes the prize to one of the best thanks to the differentiating features it includes. One of these features is based on voice note-taking and easily integrates it into one of the projects we have, something ideal especially when we are taking notes from a class or a seminar.

Noted, the best app for taking written and voice notes
Noted, the best app for taking written and voice notes

As soon as we start the application we have the possibility to create a new notebook with the aim of organizing all our notes in different projects. Inside this notebook we will be creating new notes, and to start recording you just have to click on the red button that you will always have on the note’s header. The accessibility of this button and the speed with which you can create a note and start recording makes it quite interesting. Together with these recordings you can take notes in a classic way with the keyboard, but the fun at the end is to combine both tools. This can certainly be very useful in the journalistic aspect to record some statements and at the same time take your own notes about it.

Noted is characterized by a fairly clean and very nice interface. It is quite nice to work with Noted over other apps that can become overloaded. Although it may be too simple, it fulfills its main function which is the important thing.

Siri synchronizes with Noted

If you are a Siri lover this is your ideal application as they synchronize in an exceptional way. Just as we can create quick notes with the native Notes application in iOS with the wizard, we can also do it in Noted.

When creating a new notebook, at first we have a shortcut to create a shortcut with Siri. Once created we can configure a voice command to create a note in Noted in a quick way thanks to the voice assistant itself. It is true that it can work more efficiently, but to make a quick take of a few notes or simply to run the app and start recording at once goes quite well.

The premium version offers many more possibilities

We are in the age of subscription-based applications and Noted was not going to be left behind. In its free version we can access up to 5 notes and make a simple recording, but if you want to have access to many more features you have to get a subscription plan. There are many features that you will gain in order to be more productive.

Among the options offered by the subscription plan, we highlight the unlimited registration to create as many notes as you want. In addition, the reproduction of the recordings is greatly improved to save us from listening to blank spaces. This is really interesting because when you make a recording there are spaces where no voice is recorded, for thousands of reasons. Thanks to the artificial intelligence, Noted is able to suppress them and create a uniform recording by eliminating all these blank spaces. And if you are bothered by ambient noise, you can also remove the background noise and even record at a higher quality, specifically at 44.1 kHz.

Thanks to this same artificial intelligence, it is possible to transform an audio into text or while you are talking transform words into text. The handwritten note generated with this dictation mode can be exported in PDF format by different methods.

Something we miss in the free version is the possibility to include files in the notes, something that is solved in this premium version. In addition, it integrates perfectly with the Apple Watch to be able to make recordings and export them to the iPhone itself.

Day-to-day profit

Noted is certainly a great tool to replace Apple’s native tool, Notes. One very positive thing we have with Noted is that it merges the native iOS recorder and notes applications. That’s why it becomes a good application for those who work in different professions where you must take quick notes accompanied by recordings such as journalists or students to record classes, with permission.

Although it is not a totally free application, it can help many people on a daily basis to be more productive which is always worth paying the price of this subscription.