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Nokia is developing a new mapping application for iOS: Here

Nokia has a mapping service that uses its mapping from an Apple-owned company. Nokia Maps are quite good, but still quite a minority. So the Finns want to give them a boost by taking advantage of the bad reputation of iOS maps, and in the next few weeks we’ll have the Nokia Here app on the App Store, with turn-by-turn navigation and guided directions.

Nokia has a proprietary mapping service, which is very popular among its handsets. Nokia Maps uses the maps of C3 Technologies , a company that Apple happened to buy, and they use part of the mapping from these in the iOS 6 maps.

Nokia is developing a new mapping application for iOS: Here
Nokia is developing a new mapping application for iOS: Here

A few minutes ago we learned that will launch a new iOS application called Here in the coming weeks. This new app will land on the App Store for free, and will be available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The Finns have highlighted the quality of their mapping service and their huge database, which has information on 200 countries, and which distinguishes their Lumia range from the rest of the smartphones on the market.

It is curious that Apple has agreed to open the door to the App Store, more so when the iOS 6 Maps reviews started to rain, which in Nokia’s blog published an article comparing their mapping service with Apple’s , leaving the latter in a very bad place.

If you want to know how Nokia maps work on your iPhone, you can already try them out through their web-app , which has been available for a long time, and which already gave us the possibility of step-by-step navigation , even before we knew about the existence of iOS maps.

As for the possibilities that will give us Here will be the navigation step by step through public transport, by car or walking, while the iOS Maps only allow us to walk or drive. We will also be able to download the maps to have them available offline . This also allows to have our movement zone loaded on the device , so searches and route calculation will be much faster.

One of the limitations here is the application of virtual reality, where will not be possible to direct us to places using the camera and compass , this functionality is reserved for the Nokia Lumia.

After this last move by Nokia, will they be jealous on Google if Apple doesn’t accept their Google Maps application?

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