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No withdrawal of protection for transgender students

It seems that Mr. Donald Trump continues to deliver on everything he promised in his election campaign. On this occasion, the decision taken by the president of the United States aims to discriminate against transgender children , since it would mean the elimination of the protections granted by the government within the schools.

Trump keeps on doing his thing

Mr. Trump will undoubtedly go down in history as the president who implemented laws with destructive and discriminatory purposes . After taking excessive measures to stop the migratory entry of refugees, it is now the turn of the children of his country.

No withdrawal of protection for transgender students
No withdrawal of protection for transgender students

It seems that this news belongs to the last century, but unfortunately it does not. While the previous president Obama threatened schools that did not comply with this law, Mr. Donald Trump wanted to eliminate it , possibly to create disorder in the schools and the suffering of transgender children.

Apple opposes discrimination

Cupertino’s people tend to react to any idea that goes against any social group. That is why on this occasion, they have not been slow to show their opinion in the face of this barbarism. Since the withdrawal of the rights of transgender children would mean a setback in social progress , at the same time that it would cause discriminatory behaviour in the classrooms.

The Cupertino’s did an interview for the news media Axios, claiming the freedom in the different social groups and the elimination of any discriminatory conduct.

Unfortunately, this news affects the LGBT community , without a doubt a community in which Tim Cook and Apple have demonstrated on several occasions their commitment and support for equality and freedom for the collective.

Let’s hope that more multinational corporations and organizations with great power in the country, will oppose these measures , since the Trump administration shows no signs of leaving laws in favor of social diversity.

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