No, this is not the iPhone 8

The last few weeks have been filled with all sorts of news about iPhone 8, WWDC, and software and other products that will be renewed throughout this course. Precisely because of this and the different hoaxes that we can find on the internet, today in Applesupportphonenumber we show you how the iPhone 8 will not be as is being said in the media .

Since the release of iPhone 7 and its Plus version, Apple fans have speculated about what the terminal would look like ten years after the first iPhone was released. Rumours even circulated that Apple might change the name of this iPhone , precisely because this product has been around for a decade, something that even today remains unclear.

No, this is not the iPhone 8
No, this is not the iPhone 8

Other rumors mentioned that Apple would be handling different dates for the presentation of the terminal, where in no case would such presentation of Apple be made as we are used to in September. Precisely in these last weeks, there have already been different leaks that the Keynote that would give way to the next iPhone, would be made in the middle of September as we are used to Cupertino’s people.

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But the point where most speculation and filtering about the future model of the iPhone is about its physical appearance , point where in addition several leaks have already been more than denied as being false.

At this point of the aspect of the terminal two have been the variants referred to this issue, at first it was discussed that Apple could handle the possibility of moving its Touch ID to the rear when having problems integrating it into the screen of the terminal, later and in the last month all the leaks indicated that Apple would have already solved this problem to be able to integrate its fingerprint reader into the screen.

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It is precisely for this reason that we deny the media that the last images of a supposed iPhone 8 with the fingerprint reader on the back will be the definitive model of the terminal , when the author of the images himself was responsible for ensuring that they were clones of Chinese firms, which every year try to imitate the models of the iPhone.

Precisely because of this and if you want to follow all the leaks of the future iPhone and other products, don’t hesitate to follow us to keep up to date with all the news from the world of apples.

Source : Benjamin Geskin

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