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No, the government will not be able to control you via Face ID on iPhone X

There are many questions about Apple’s new facial recognition, Face ID for the iPhone X . Although Apple tried to convince us of all the benefits of the new security system, there are certain conspiracies about its use.

Face ID will not register with any cloud server , it will always be physically on the iPhone X. Just like your fingerprint was not shared with any third party or Apple itself.

No, the government will not be able to control you via Face ID on iPhone X
No, the government will not be able to control you via Face ID on iPhone X

But this does not seem to convince the lovers of conspiracy , where they believe that this system violates the right to privacy of the users themselves. One of the theories is that the government can control the users in case of a serious incident.

Many home devices spy on us

It is true that many electronic devices spy on us thanks to the advanced technology they incorporate to make our lives easier. For example, ordering our Smart TV to change a channel or turn down the volume. A microphone that is permanently on is required to follow the orders.

The case of Samsung’s TVs was very popular, where even the Korean brand itself included it in its terms and conditions of use (which practically nobody reads). These televisions made random recordings and shared them with third parties.

In addition to televisions, we have found many smartphones that “gave away” in certain promotions where they basically collected all kinds of data without our permission.

iPhone X will not be able to share your face

Thanks to the GPS positioning system and the new infrared camera of the iPhone X. Many people wonder if it is possible for the government to monitor us to follow our steps in case of being a suspect of some vandalism or criminal act.

This theory arises from the ability of new technologies to know everything about us . Where a smartphone collects a lot of information that could be useful to solve complicated cases or even anticipate an attack.

In the face of such concern, Apple made it quite clear. All information collected about our faces, will be stored in an encrypted manner on our iPhone . Without anyone having remote access.

If a thief gets hold of our phone and contacts a cybercriminal to extract information, it will be really difficult thanks to the encryption degree that Apple has designed to have all the information as safe as possible.

In this case, the iPhone X will be permanently watching you when you use it, but that information will not be shared with governments or other third parties for security purposes.

Not so with Siri

Everything we asked Siri, is stored on Apple’s servers . This information, Apple says, is used to analyze the quality of the service in order to improve it.

The maximum storage time is 2 years , although some randomized questions may remain longer. Apple says it is always anonymous and will never store or collect sensitive information such as email or apple IDs.

This information was shared by Apple itself a few years ago, where spokesperson Tracy Muller openly confirmed it after being questioned by privacy groups in the United States.

Although the iPhone X cannot share our face with governments nor facilitate our position to third parties (except for installed apps), the truth is that any electronic equipment could be compromised .

The iPhone phones with iOS without jailbreak, are very secure computers , but it will be very difficult to know if our terminal has been violated by third parties.

Do you think that governments and organizations are watching us through the iPhone? Is every improvement in the devices to make our lives easier or to collect information?