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No matter what you innovate, iPhone 8 won’t out-sell iPhone 6


While most analysts are confident that the iPhone 8 will mark a before and after in terms of sales success in the smartphone market , Deutsche Bank has unchecked itself by saying exactly the opposite and calling for calm.

No matter what you innovate, iPhone 8 won’t out-sell iPhone 6
No matter what you innovate, iPhone 8 won’t out-sell iPhone 6

In fact, they believe that even will not even be able to beat the sales harvested by the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus , which achieved record sales of 231 million units during the financial year 2015. They have even dared to give figures: between the iPhone 8, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus combined they are expected to reach alone 244 million units.

The causes? Two factors that occurred in 2015 but will not be repeated now : The modification of the model design towards one with the larger screen and the agreement with the mobile phone operator China Carrier, two specific events that will not be repeated with the iPhone 8, either because in the case of the operator it is something external and in the case of the screen, simply there are already smartphones with borderless screens . But they are not an iPhone.

According to the analysts:

But they also highlight the importance of the Chinese market and its incredible competition – just remember OnePlus or Xiaomi, who also have no qualms about imitating Apple’s iPhone – and that users are taking longer and longer to renew their handsets, with an average of 2.7 years .

However, this is still a speculation of a solvent bank like the German one but that in terms of predictions about Apple usually fails more than a fairground shotgun . For example, they are reminded by theories such as that the iPhone 7 would not include EarPods with Lightning EarPods connection or that the iPhone 8 would not see the light this year.


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