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No longer possible to return to iOS 8.3, Apple stops signing

Have you already upgraded to iOS 8.4 and are still not convinced? Would you like to reinstall iOS 8.3 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? If so, we have bad news for you, Apple has stopped signing it, so it is no longer possible to downgrade to iOS 8.3 .

This is the path Cupertino’s company always follows. After a few days after the release of a new version of the operating system, he stops signing the previous versions, which makes it impossible to go back and recover the features that our device had until the moment of updating it.

iOS 8.4, the only stable option we can install

No longer possible to return to iOS 8.3, Apple stops signing
No longer possible to return to iOS 8.3, Apple stops signing

If we have updated our iDevices there is no turning back. The only option we have now is to use iOS 8.4 and get used to it.

Actually the most notable differences of this new version of the operating system are within the Music app. Cupertino’s company has completely redesigned it to include their new streaming music service, Apple Music. The rest of the operating system has hardly changed at all, so the change should not be too traumatic for almost any user.

The changes in the Music app are quite big, but of course we can still use it as before if we don’t want to be Apple Music users. That is, we can still sync our music through iTunes or buy it directly from the iTunes Store instead of using the streaming service.

Jailbreak to iOS 8.4 is now possible

Another typical question when Apple stops signing a version of an operating system is whether it is possible to Jailbreak to the current version . In this case we can say that it is possible to Jailbreak to iOS 8.4. The hacker group Taig took only a few hours to launch a tool capable of doing so after the release of the final version of the operating system and since then they have released several updates of the tool to avoid bugs.

What’s next?

It is difficult to guess the future, but it is most likely that unless Apple finds a serious bug in iOS 8.4 that requires a version 8.4.1, the next update that comes to our devices will be the final version of iOS 9 .

At the moment iOS 9 is in beta phase and only the most impatient are testing it. Apple is working on this version of the operating system and is not yet finished. App developers are also testing it and updating the code of their apps to make them 100% compatible.

There is no exact date for the launch of iOS 9, but if there are no major delays, the launch should happen sometime next fall . Also, if Apple follows the schedule of other years, iOS 9 should arrive along with iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

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